Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Oxley gin made?

    Oxley Gin’s unique and pioneering creation takes place in England. It’s here we invented our very own cold distillation process to make an innovative, smooth tasting gin.

  2. Is Oxley a London Dry Gin?

    Yes, Oxley Gin is a London Dry Gin created with fresh frozen citrus to freeze nature in its tracks, giving Oxley its unique bright flavour and finish.

  3. Where can I drink Oxley?

    Oxley Gin is available at a number of bars and restaurants, across cocktail menus and gin menus alike.

  4. Where can I buy Oxley?

    Oxley Gin is available from selected premium online retailers, outlets and liquor stores.

  5. How should I drink Oxley gin?

    There are many ways to enjoy Oxley but due to its bright flavour and smooth finish, we’d recommend in a classic Gimlet or a martini cocktail. For more inspiration visit Our Serves page.

  6. Is Oxley gin gluten free?

    Yes. The process of distillation ensures that Oxley is free from gluten.

  7. When was Oxley created?

    Invented in 2006 with nature as our muse, and flavour as the cause, it took eight years of obsession and experimentation to perfect Oxley Gin.

  8. Does Oxley have a Master Distiller?

    With an unquenchable thirst for innovation, there has never been one Master Distiller but instead a collective of scientists and distillers who set out to change the world of gin as we know it.

  9. What botanicals does Oxley include?

    Oxley’s handpicked grapefruit, orange and lemon peel gives the gin its intense, citrusy zing. The fruits are picked in Murcia, Spain – then hand-peeled and frozen within 24 hours. Eleven other flavour-filled botanicals are also added, from classic juniper to coriander and nutmeg. Each botanical blooming Oxley’s unmistakably bright taste.

  10. What is cold distillation?

    To distill a gin you need to boil alcohol. You do this by applying heat until the liquid reaches its boiling point (usually around 78°C). However, cold distillation is carried out under reduced atmospheric pressures, causing the alcohol to boil at lower temperatures. This brings a more intense taste, allowing the botanicals to stay truer to their natural state. Oxley takes this process to the extreme, chilling the still below freezing to find full-on flavour.

  11. How is Oxley gin made?

    On our quest for flavour, we invented our unbelievably cold distillation process. To create our bright and distinct gin, we firstly macerate our botanicals and neutral grain spirit for 15 hours. This is then spooned by hand into the kettle. We reduce the pressure and lower the temperature to sub-zero at -5°C, causing the spirit to boil. The vapour that’s released hits the condenser at -127°C and transforms back into a liquid. This final Oxley liquid is collected and bottled, with not a drop wasted.

  12. What does small batch mean?

    Making something this good takes time. So small batch just means we purposefully make Oxley gin in limited quantities, so we can ensure the quality of each and every individually numbered bottle.

  13. What are the tasting notes of Oxley?

    Appearance: Crisp and bright; Aroma: Fresh, vibrant citrus; Palate: Unmistakeably Oxley; Finish: Sippably smooth